Shirt Making

Skin Deep shirts are made from imported fine cotton poplins, woven from long staple yarn to produce a lustrous, silky fabric that is cool and comfortable to wear, that can take strong and vibrant colour dyes, and that softens and feels even more comfortable each time it is laundered. "Two-fold" means that each thread in the weave is made of two strands of yarn twisted ("folded") together to give extra strength and elasticity without adding bulk. 100's refers to the yarn count of the weave, the number of threads per inch. (100's being a finer weave than say, 80's).

Made to order in your choice of fabric and collar style. Available in double cuff or single cuff.

Skin Deep shirts can be made with a number of collar styles. All collars are fitted to a neck measurement taken just below the Adam's apple. It's worth remembering that Cary Grant failed his first screen test because at 17in, he was told, his neck was too thick!

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