Skin Deep In The Matrix

 Hugo Weaving, Keanu Reeves all sporting Tailor made Skindeep Suiting whilst chasing each other in the Matrix. Shirt, Tie and Tie bars were also designed and made by Skin Deep. Some confused The Matrix for a 2 hour long Skindeep Catalogue !

Peter Timms in Skin Deep

Great rooftop but that suit is awsome!. Nice one Peter.

Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton John. Sir Cliff sporting a SKINDEEP ricardo jacket

Marcus Graham

 Marcus Graham trying on a hat and suit in the Skin Deep store.

FHM Magazine

 Skin Deep regularly pops up in the pages of FHM Magazine.


Laurence Fishburne and a bunch of stylish hoodlums, smoothly agro in sharp suits.

Human Nature

Human Nature in Skin Deep clothing and accessories.

Jack Nicholson

Legend Jack Nicholson in our legend, the Skindeep Pineapple shirt !


Michael Clarke

Micheal Clarke Australian Cricket star wearing whats good for him on the cover of the Sydney Morning Heralds the (sydney) mag

The Hard Word & Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton and Damien Richardson starred in THE HARD WORD, seen here sporting Skindeep Suits, Shirts and Vintage ties for their Promo Tour and throughout the movie & Guy Pearce sporting Skin Deep Suit on the front cover of the Sydney Morning Heralds Metro Magazine.


Peter Garret

Peter Garret wearing a Skin Deep shirt on stage with the Oil's.

Skin Deep Bringing Back the Biff

Aussie sport Icon Reggie knows where to get his fine garments designed and tailored !